Video Tribute to Kris Evans Part Three

This Big Hush-Kris Evans and Dolph Lambert

Well, my dearest loves, I’ve saved the very best for last.After viewing the photo session video with Kris Evans and Dolph Lambert, and the finished images that followed, how their chemistry was clearly evident, the question that was on all of us fans minds was: when will we see their love scene? We knew there had to be one in the offing and it was the thought that BA was holding on to this one, to use as the cover scene for their upcoming film, Kris and Dolph, due for release sometime later this year, or the front part of next year. We begged, pleaded, bugged, bribed (well, okay, we didn’t bribe), but we really hounded them good. Until they finally surrendered, pretty much saying: “You want it. You got it.”

The guys at Bel Ami rock!

This two part scene became the featured cover scene on their web site last week.And it was well worth the wait. This beautiful scene, shot originally in the summer of 2009, according to the scene introduction, used as its setting a gay sauna located in the town of Enschede, Holland.I won’t do much in the way of introduction for this one, only to say that it is one of the most intensely erotic scenes Bel Ami has done in a while, well they definitely out did themselves this time. It’s gorgeous in every way. It helps tremendously when you have two wonderfully sexual guys, both stunning in both their beauty and their sensuality. Add to this heady mix a luscious setting and magical videography and you get one memorable scene.

For the music, I used a very old musical friend: This Big Hush, from the post-punk band, Shriekback, taken from their 1985 album, Oil and Gold.

The next post will be a mini gallery with some of the images taken from this clip.

Video clips taken from the two part exclusive programming episode, Kris Evans and Dolph Lambert and remains the sole property of Bel Ami Entertainment and no copyright infringement is intended.

Music clips: Untitled track, B.K. Sun, intellectual property of Bel Ami Entertainment. No copyright is intended; This Big Hush, Shriekback, taken from their album, Oil and Gold (1985) and remains the sole property of the copyright holder. No copyright infringement is intended.

Enjoy, loves!