The Pleasure Principle

I can’t entirely pinpoint the exact moment I fell in love with Kevin Warhol. It very well could have been the early images I saw of him. Very well could have been the first time I saw him in Bel Ami’s South African orgy scene last week…a scene that has already created quite a stir amongst the members of BelAmiOnline, myself included amongst the score. I was captivated then by his energy and exuberance, his curiosity and his sweet willingness to please..and to please his other older ‘brothers’, so he does. I have given him the nickname of the Darling Prince of Bel Ami, though now I realize someone has already used the title to describe him. But I will call him my lovely Young Prince all the same. Within a very short span of time, he has literally swept everyone at Bel Ami off their feet, and they dote on him as if he were truly their little brother. The stories I get to hear George Duroy tell us all, ones that he hears from the other boys (they’re still in South Africa don’t you know studying…supposedly), warms my heart and makes us all laugh. Images of he and Philippe Gaudin playing with a radio controlled helicopter that Luke Hamill got for them, and getting into all sorts of trouble with it, makes me smile. I’m beginning to wonder if this toy is getting more notoriety then they are. 🙂 I chuckle when I imagine Kevin calling out to Luke: “Luke! My helicopter’s stuck on the roof again!” I can almost see Luke rolling his eyes back as if to say: “Here we go again!” But he does his duty for his young charge like any loving older brother might. Fun times to no end they seem to be having. I certainly wouldn’t expect anything at all less. Kevin’s sparkling personality has charmed us all to no end, and his wondrous curiosity about the world makes him very endearing and in the process leaves us enriched and inspired. At least it has become that way for me.

An adventurous view of the world surrounding him, easily transfers to a like curiosity in the bedroom. And in this scene clip he has with Todd Rosset, (and I understand this is Kevin’s very first sex scene he filmed) we are witness to another one to fall haplessly under Kevin’s erotic, sensuous spell. What transpires between these two is nothing short of an intensely erotic scene of lovemaking. Of course, Todd starts him off, showing him that he is one of Bel Ami’s best and most sensual oralists and personally, one of many of my oral gods. After Kevin’s tad reluctance to have his orgasm on camera (not shown in this clip…sorry, guys…I really shouldn’t show any cum shots. You have to see the full clips for those), and after some gentle coaxing from Todd, he does so. After which, it’s Kevin’s turn to show Todd what he can do, and when it comes to oral, Kevin proves to be no slouch. He demonstrates that not only can he match Todd, but he outdoes him (if that were even possible). Kevin shows he can be just as wild and sensuous giving oral pleasure as Todd can. In fact, as I remember the proceedings, Kevin topped Todd in this one and he does a spectacular job, leaving the cameraman utterly speechless, along with every one else.

I do believe it was love. 🙂

The music I chose to accompany their scene is a piece I’m sure you’ll recognize. I tried to work my ‘magic’ on it, and it marginally worked. But in any event, I didn’t think any piece of music other than one of my favorite B.K. Sun tracks was going to do.

Enjoy, my loves


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