Hello, Darling. I’ve Been Waiting For You

I usually don’t give my video tributes titles, merely just label with the couple and the song title after they are made. Lately, though I felt I wanted to put a more personal touch to them, hence this post’s title. You’ll have to let me know what you think. This one was indeed very special to me. For one, it would be the second episode with my beloved Sascha Chaykin returning to Bel Ami full throttle, and never before has he looked more beautiful. As you’ll notice here and in one of the other mash-ups of him I’ve posted, he filled out beautifully, sporting more muscles than I had remembered seeing on him. And as he demonstrates in this video with equally sexy Vadim Farrell, he’s learned some tricks during his absence. 😉 He’s become kinkier, more experimental with sex positions, very much a kin to Luke Hamill in that regard. This two part scene which I’ve combined in an edited version, is sexy, lustful and intensely passionate: two buddies having a good time together, or perhaps becomes the start of something more? 🙂 This flip-flop scene was presented as an exclusive programming episode on the Bel Ami website, and has Sascha coming to Budapest to visit his friend Vadim for the weekend to chill and hang out. Well, they do hang out, in a manner of speaking. They certainly don’t waste time in wanting to see the other naked and they very quickly get down to business. Sascha states he was concerned about the language barrier, he being Czech and Vadim, Hungarian. But there seems to be not much of a language barrier after all, when both men are well versed in the language of l’amour.

This would be the second part of a special, more personal tribute, for like the one of Marc and Josh I did in a previous post, this one will be dedicated to my brother, whose 53rd birthday would have been this past Sunday. This month has always felt like one of flux for me, for in my religion of Wicca, it will be the coming of the New Year for us, the time of the harvest festival of Samhain, a time of new beginnings. I sense this feeling everywhere now, as strange as that may seem. In this time of the New Year, it is a time of remembrance of those close to us who have since past on. It is a time to pay respect to those that have past, to reflect on the wisdom they’ve bestowed upon us, and a look ahead to the coming year and recommit ourselves in service to the Goddess. This video has special significance for by way of a fictitious story that can easily be created from watching these scenes, this could be seen as a new beginning for the characters Sascha and Vadim are playing, and making the journey from casual sex buddies to something far more personal: ‘the start of something beautiful’. Yes, I’m a romance writer so I have to take my creative allowances where I see them. 🙂

The choice of musical accompaniment was a tough one for this and I wasn’t sure which way I wanted to go. Sometimes, your subconscious mind can do creative wonders and I just sort of let mine wander and do the work for me. I was listening to music one afternoon as I usually do, gaining inspiration. I had downloaded some new music and I was checking out the tracks, listening to the albums in their entirety. Blackfield, a side project by Porcupine Tree’s front man, Steven Wilson, became for me just as stirring of a musical influence and inspiration as Porcupine Tree has become. I had already chosen Porcupine Tree’s Waiting (Phase One) from their Signify album for the first part of the video episode. I needed one for the second half, something that would represent hope for this new relationship that was hidden just underneath the surface and begging/dying to come out. I turned to Blackfield and a song off their self-titled album called, Hello. These two songs blended in so well, and it helped too that they are the same band in a sense. It was all about mood and pace and I thought these songs worked amazingly well.

So, what is the saddest kind of pain as Steve’s lyrics in Waiting state? That’s easy. It’s Love. Huh? Well, think about it a moment. Love is one of the most dichotomous emotions we can feel. Love can make us happy and sad, weak and strong, sometimes, all at once, and because of this, love is confusing as all hell to figure out. But most times, we don’t bother to figure it out, do we? We go with it. We ride out this wild animal to the ultimate. For what is life anyway, without love? And how will we ever find it if we don’t take a chance, on ourselves and someone else and take in a sense, a very romantic leap of faith? Sascha’s and Vadim’s characters have already made that leap when they decided to meet again. What happens next will be anyone’s guess.

Video clips taken from Sascha Chaykin and Vadim Farrell Parts One and Two, a two-part exclusive programming episode released on the Bel Ami Online website, October 7 & 9 (dates approximate). Now available on the DVD, Drop Your Pants; all video clips remain the sole property of Bel Ami Entertainment and no copyright infringement is intended.

Music clips: Waiting (Phase One), Porcupine Tree, taken from Signify; Hello, Blackfield, taken from self-titled album, Blackfield; all music clips remain the sole property of their copyright holders and no copyright infringement is intended.