Matches Made In Bel Ami Heaven 8

15) Josh Elliot and Matt Phillipe: to my knowledge (though I’ve been known to be wrong before), there are possibly two scenes with these gorgeous beauties floating around. In the first image set, these were taken from a slightly different version of the clip I posted earlier, from the film, Pretty Boy (2004). The second set of images I’m not entirely sure if this was from an actual film scene or just a photo shoot.  If it’s from a film, I’m so dying to see it.  Film scene or not, just looking at these images literally took my breath away. They’re gorgeous works of erotic art. Every passionate nuance displayed by these two gorgeous beyond belief guys was captured lovingly in still frame.  It represented totally what I look for in eroticism: a feeling of romance and passion. This set is only one example among many why I love these films and still images, these amazing models and photographers that bring us all this stunning beauty to enjoy. But, in all honesty any scene, even just in images, with Josh in it, is going to be smoking hot and breathtakingly beautiful. *grin* I’ve said this before, but I think it bears repeating: Josh Elliot is a true eroticist extraordinaire and for me, the brightest star in Bel Ami Heaven.