Love Will Tear Us Apart

I know I’ve posted shorter versions of this scene in a few other posts, but I wanted to present the opening scene between Brandon Manilow and Josh Elliot from Seriously Sexy Part One (2009) on its own.I thought it was sad that this would be the only love scene they would have together in this film, but I’ll take it.Their chemistry here is as wonderful as it ever was and their banter is cute and sexy.I just simply love these two and it’s no wonder that I’ve considered them to be a ‘match made in Bel Ami Heaven’.

The approach to the music in this film was slightly different than in other Bel Ami films, more minimalist than in the past. It lend itself well to my own musical interpretation. My choice to use Joy Division’s Love Will Tear Us Apart was one of context, then to set a particular mood within the scene.This would be one of the last songs Ian Curtis would write, and record, before he committed suicide.As the story goes, he was having an affair while his wife was pregnant with their only child.He ended the relationship with the other woman after his wife found out. The song Love Will Tear Us Apart was the result of his feelings of guilt over the pain he caused his wife.Perhaps the song’s meaning goes far deeper and it was that meaning I pulled to use for this clip.Outwardly, things appear fine. As we discover in the course of the film, Brandon can’t remain faithful to Josh. Every time he cheats, he begs forgiveness, and Josh tentatively forgives him. But it’s a mote point.Josh knows that it’s only temporary and it’s only a matter of time before Brandon will betray his trust again. It’s easy to cling to what’s familiar even when we know that it will do us harm.We can love someone with all our heart but when that person isn’t completely ours, can’t be true to us, heart, body, and soul, we have to find a way to let go, and that in many ways can be just as devastating as the transgression ever was.

I can hear you guys now: “Girl, will you stop over analyzing and just enjoy the damn movie?”

LOL! Alright, alright! I’ll stop lecturing to you. 🙂

Enjoy the clip.


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Video clips taken from Seriously Sexy Part One, (2009), dir. George Duroy