Playing Catch-up and Backtracking 4-Dario Dolce and Phillipe Gaudin

Both Dario Dolce and Phillipe Gaudin have been known for their ability to take on all the big cocks around Bel Ami. Only this time, one of them will come out on top! Guess which one?

Things begin quite innocently enough, with Phillipe treating Dario to some dinner, each one trading tastes off of the other’s plate. Until Dario notices something else he’d rather take a taste of….Phillipe’s hard cock! The sound of off-camera barking alerts the pair to seek a more secure and secluded area for their erotic explorations.

Mutual cocksucking ensues and Phillipe prepares Dario’s ass for him to take control.

Love, my sweet Dario!

He has one of the hottest asses and he loves getting fucked!

This is one killer, hot scene!

And I couldn’t resist putting these in….Bielko makes a surprise splash of a cameo appearance in this one! I just loves that dog! 🙂

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