Almost Gold

To divulge one of my secrets when I’m lining up projects for this blog, I had originally planned on doing a mash-up video series involving the Pillow Talk films. But as a better idea presented itself, I decided an image gallery would better suit that project and the video idea was scrapped. But the Pillow Talk series yielded so many lovely and sweetly romantic and passionate things, such as this scene between Mark Aubrey and Joel D’amici, that I had to try and incorporate a few of those scenes within my Summer Songs series. So with this scene, and the next one will be the last remaining Pillow Talk scenes I had planned to use for this project. But there’s so many others? you ask….don’t I know it. Time, my lovelies, time will always be my bane. But don’t worry: in my next project I have yet to present here, I did my best to include some of the others from Pillow Talk.

The Pillow Talk series and the Flings series will always set up sparing matches with me to see which one is the more romantic, the most passionate. And the winner by a nose: Pillow  Talk.

I had already taken Mark into my heart, and it would be this sweet scene that he shares with Joel D’amici that would quite easily pull Joel to me as well, along with so many wonderful Bel Ami guys before him. The story of this scene is very similar to the one with Chris Casablanca and Benjamin Bloom in Pillow Talk 2 (2006): Mark and Joel are looking at images from the photo session when they met and the scene flashes to their first sexy and sweet scene together.

Music clip: Almost Gold, by The Jesus and Mary Chain taken from the album, Honey’s Dead

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