The sweetest drop is the warm nectar from my lover’s rod

I was going to use this nugget filled sweet-meat to conclude this week’s Halloween celebration on Friday, but I simply couldn’t wait any longer. This very best, and yummiest, sweetest confectionary delight I was going to save for last. But my heart is still pounding, my groin still aching with pleasure, I felt it was only right that I shared the wealth, so to speak. Truly, my friends, would you expect anything less from me by now. *wink*

Way back, when I was beginning to compile my list of couples for my In Praise of Eros Part Two series of video tributes, I knew without one shred of doubt being cast, I had to include the scene with Josh Elliot and Matt Phillipe. From images alone, many I’ve already displayed here, their passionate sexual energy was immediately apparent. Previously, I posted an edited clip of a variation of the scene I’m about to present here. This one, the climactic scene (pun deliciously intended) from Pretty Boy (2004), is much longer than the condom-free episode released on the Bel Ami website a while back. All I can really say, that I had a hellish time deciding what clips to show from this’s THAT good! I definitely wanted to show enough to demonstrate the passionate eroticism in this one, but at the same time, I didn’t want to give away too much and spoil the fun. I also wanted to give enough of a lead into the scene, to help heighten the romance of it, and the clips I chose for that were gorgeous. What a beautiful place for a romantic, passionate interlude, wouldn’t you say? As you watch, you’ll see one of the African mountains in the distance, standing proud and majestic, like a high priestess of love, watching with equal pride as her two loving disciples frolic in the pool below her. So, you see my dilemma with this one; what could I choose when every moment was glorious and beautifully sensual? But I think I got it right…let’s hope. I even called for some musical help, calling for reinforcements, as it were, near the middle of the scenes I edited. And what better reinforcement of an erotic nature than The Sweetest Drop, from Peter Murphy. This song drips eroticism; it oozes with it, in fact, making it blatantly apparent, and Peter’s sensual vocal style just drives the point home. If this one doesn’t curl your toes, spike your blood pressure, make your heart pound out of your chest, and shoot volcanic cum loads from your throbbing rods, then I, a) truly shirked my duty and didn’t do my job of being a major cock teaser, and b) I should declare you all clinically dead (there I said it…LOL!) This scene was amazing, a flip-flop fuck fest to end them all, and these two rocked my universe, as only these two can. I sincerely hope they do the same for you. šŸ™‚

Thank you, Josh and Matt, for knocking another gorgeous one out of the park. *giggle* Love you both lots. This one’s for you two, with love.



Video clips taken from Pretty Boy (2004), dir. George Duroy; all video clips remain the sole property of Bel Ami Entertainment and no copyright infringement is intended.

Music clip: The Sweetest Drop, Peter Murphy, taken from Wild Birds: 1985-1995 The Best of the Beggars Banquet Years; music clips remain the sole property of their copyright holders and no copyright infringement is intended.