In Production Scrapbook Gallery Updated featuring Phillipe Gaudin

Oh, my goodness, I know it’s been a while since I last updated, so for the next couple of days (I hope!), I’ll be playing catch-up. With this latest update to Bel Ami’s in-production scrapbook, by the looks of things we have two more great scenes to look forward to. We have a little bit of time to wait on these though….both of these scenes, shot in South Africa, are currently being prepared for release some time in 2012. (Now, don’t groan and moan….what do I keep telling you folks? You can’t rush perfection…comprende?)

The first set of images with Phillipe Gaudin and Ariel Vanean will be made part of the next installment of Sex Buddies.

If the images from this scene with Phillipe and Manuel Rios are any indication, this one promises to be scorching hot! Sexy and cute, Phillipe gets better with every scene he’s in.

To view select images from the gallery, go here.

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