Summer Dog Daze

The month of August has always been referred to as the ‘Dog Days of Summer’. I’m not entirely sure how that whole thing came about.However as you will see in today’s entry in the Summer Songs series, animals, particularly dogs, have an almost innate ability to bring people together.

Florian Nemec is out relaxing in a little park, sitting on a bench with his canine companion. Julien Hussey approaches them with his dog. As the dogs get acquainted with one another, the way dogs do, Julien and Florian get acquainted as well, the way humans do. Very soon the two of them are walking back to Julien’s apartment to get to know one another further. It’s not long before they shoe the dogs away so they can really get to know one another. This video clip can be seen in its entirety on the Skin On Skin DVD.

Music clips: untitled B. K. Sun track; The Killing Moon, by Echo and the Bunnymen, taken from their album, Ocean Rain.

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