Group Play 2

2010 GAYVN Award Nominee: Best Group Scene

Jean-Daniel Chagall, Ariel Vanean, Alex Orioli and Brandon Manilow

This clip represents the second installment of my Group Play series, which features some of my favorite Bel Ami group scenes (more will be posted later). This one between Jean-Daniel Chagall, Ariel Vanean, Alex Orioli, and Brandon Manilow was originally presented on the Bel Ami website in two parts and it is also featured on the Step By Step: Jean-Daniel Chagall (2009) DVD. This clip will also represent another first for me: I’m introduced to the beautiful beyond belief, Jean-Daniel Chagall. I’ve seen plenty of pin-ups of this gorgeous boy but this will be the first time I got to see him in action, and it won’t be the last (as I rush over to Bel Ami’s website to download his scenes *wink*). With the title, “Newbies Versus Pros” the clip has BA veterans, Brandon Manilow and Alex Orioli showing newbies, Jean-Daniel and Ariel how it’s done. But as the scene progresses Jean-Daniel and Ariel show these pros that they’ve learned a trick or two as well.Not an actual contest, but it’s just fun to watch these four play with each other.There is plenty of interaction amongst these four and it’s blistering hot stuff. The story has Jean-Daniel and Ariel celebrating the completion of their first film together with friends Alex and Brandon.Champagne is poured, the nectar of the vine is imbibed, but very soon they begin to imbibe a different kind of nectar all together! Very soon their little party starts to heat up very quickly. No complaints here! As the second part commences, an old fashioned game of rock-paper-scissors is played to determine who gets serviced first. Alex wins! (Lucky bastard! *wink*) But as per usual..that wassically wabbit Brandon escapes getting his ass pounded…AGAIN! Cheeky devil! LOL! How in the hell does he manage that all the time?

I flip-flopped on a music selection for this. After trying different things, since it was a party (sort of) I dug out some of my favorite club songs, tried them with the clips I had already chosen from the video. They didn’t work so well.I even tried a couple of my favorite tracks from Project Pitchfork and VNV Nation (bands whose songs I’m itching to use but can’t, even though they happen to be very diverse sound wise and they’re a couple of the most original synthpop bands to arrive within the last 10 years or so), but these had proved to be no-go’s. They just simply didn’t work. So, in this instance, finally, I went with my gut instinct and used my first choice: The Cure’s The Snakepit from their 1990 album, Kiss Me, Kiss Me, Kiss Me. Group scenes are tougher to find alternate tracks for because you have to take other things into account. But like all of these so far, it makes you use your imagination a lot more. The other thing as well, since this clip is one of a series that I’m making, I realized that the music I choose should mesh well with the selections I already chose for the previous episode I did. Now, dears, you get to see a little bit of my thought process when I go to create these clips. They are indeed a whole lot of fun…sometimes frustrating, but that’s part of being an artist, after all, and it’s part of the love I have/feel for these films/videos.

Video clips taken from a two-part original programming video presented on the Bel Ami website and can also be seen on the DVD, Step By Step: Jean-Daniel Chagall (2009); Video clips remain the sole property of Bel Ami Entertainment and no copyright infringement is intended.

Music clip: The Snakepit, The Cure, taken from Kiss Me, Kiss Me, Kiss Me (1990); all music clips remain the sole property of their copyright holders and no infringement is intended.