Like a Love Message in a Bottle

When I was a little girl about 8 years old or so, at my grandmother’s cottage by the sea off the west coast of Maine, I sat up late one night and I wrote a letter to a gentleman I’ve never met, but he dwelled in my heart just the same. It was my fondest wish that perhaps one day I would meet him. But I was only a child and truly, what did a child now about love? More than a grown-up would imagine. Once my writing was done, and I thought it was a marvelous letter, I rolled up the piece of paper and tied it closed with one of my hair ribbons. I placed this very important scroll into a glass bottle that I found on the beach and I decided to use it for this expressed purpose. I secured the top tightly and then as quietly as I could, I lit my candle lantern, and I snuck out of my bedroom, padded down the creaky wooden stairs and even more quietly opened the front door and stepped out into the crisp late night air. A light breeze hit my nostrils and I had to place my hand near my candle flame so it wouldn’t blow out and I had my bottle held tightly under my arm, for this was a very important message. I went to the shore and as I watched the ocean waves move gently back in and out caressing the shore as it did so, I placed my candle down, and secured my bottle in my hands, then with a silent wish and a gentle kiss, I tossed my bottle with its very important heartfelt message into the sea. With that done, all I had to do now was wait for an answer. Ten years went by and I was just arriving with my parents to my grandmother’s. She was waiting for us on the steps. She had an object in her hands. As I came closer I saw that it was my bottle! What was she doing with it? I remember, she would say to me, that you had found a bottle like this one many years ago. Yes, I did, I stammered in reply. I had lost it. Where did you find it? She said that it was washed up onto the beach and she recognized it as mine and she thought she had better return it to me. But it’s strange, she said. There seems to be many pieces of paper inside. I took the bottle from her and looked for myself. She was right. The bottle was filled with small rolled up pieces of paper, and I could tell that each one of these papers had writing on them. I thanked my grandmother and with my bottle I happily ran down to the beach to see what all my notes which should have an answer to my small little question. I sat near a rock and opened my bottle. It was just stuffed full of paper. I chuckled. My Goodness! I didn’t expect all this. I was only expecting one to answer me not thousands or even millions! I carefully opened each rolled up paper scroll and read each one. Some of them were written in English, others in French and German; I studied those languages so the writing on those notes was easy for me to read. But there were so many others, written in languages I didn’t understand. But I loved them all because when they found my bottle, each one of them contributed to the other’s answer and each one was more heartfelt than the last. My question: Are you in love right now? And if so, will you love that person for ever and vice versa? Not so innocent of questions for a young eight year old to ask. Then there was the biggie for me: If there isn’t anyone to love you, would you let me? In every language the answer to that one question was yes. Eventually I was able to understand all these other languages. Some wrote me long letters about their loves and I read each one and smiled. To this very day, although these precious notes have long since gone, the paper had deteriorated with age, still each one of those notes has remained with me and will always. Just as it has been with every film and scene Bel Ami has created over the many years since this magical studio began. Every one of them has been beautiful and special to me and each one has become in a sense a very special love note, like tiny messages in a bottle. And there is so much they have to show me.

I was thinking of my bottle today while I was putting this video clip together. I knew that as soon as it was finished I was going to cast it out into the vast ocean of the Internet, just as I had done as a girl, another special heartfelt message of love. This special clip was in response to a request a very special someone made to me a while ago, this past summer in fact. He complimented me on my video compilations and that he had suggested that I tried to create a video of all my favorite kissing, frottage and other sex acts. It was a tall order but I liked his suggestion. I sat on it awhile because I wanted to decide how I was going to do it and what clips I should use. Well, with the wealth of BA scenes to pull from, it was both easy and hard all at once. There were so many wonderful scenes and films that I’ve seen, making the decisions of which ones to include became an almost daunting task. But after making some heartbreaking concessions, I think you guys are going to like this one. There may have to be a part two sometime down the line.

So to a very special someone, this special video montage is for you. Someone is getting his holiday gifts a little early this year. I also wish to dedicate this tribute to someone very near and dear to me, for if it hadn’t been for him leading me to this very lush and beautiful erotic world, this blog wouldn’t have been created and my love affair with Bel Ami would never have begun. And this is also for all of these awesome artists and guys past, present and future who’ve, for seventeen years, have given us a beautiful garden to become lost in. 🙂 By way of a very heartfelt thank you, I wish to give you this:

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