Kris Evans and Ariel Vanean sex scene

And the GAYVN Awards celebration begins..officially *grin*

Video Tribute to Kris Evans Part One

Kris Evans and Ariel Vanean

This video clip, which can be seen (and is the cover scene) on the DVD, Johan’s Journal Part 4: On the Set (2010), is very near and dear to me, for it represents a couple of firsts, more like a combined first.This would be the scene where I would be introduced to both Kris Evans and Ariel Vanean and they’ve held my heart ever since. They are both very sensual kissers. And their oral talents? Well, just see for yourselves.I really love this scene, so sexy and sensual. And Kris’ fingering of Ariel’s ass as he sucks Ariel’s cock, pleasuring him, opening him up, knocked me the hell out. Without a doubt, this one became one of my personal favorite scenes. And they couldn’t have picked a more romantic location.

Now for a trivia question: does anyone notice anything familiar about this location? I remember someone making a comment about this scene on the BA website. And it does have a familiar feel to it, a very special, aura about it. Anyone want to take any guesses? I’ll give you all a big hint. I posted a clip several weeks ago from the film Coverboys (2002), where another classic scene was shot at this very similar location. Well, not to give anything away and let you guys have some fun, all I’ll say is that history has a way of repeating itself, and it’s the feeling that BA wanted to make history again. Did they succeed? I’ll let you all be the judge. šŸ™‚

As for the music for this one, I went back and forth on ideas. I wanted something romantic but at the same time I wanted to reflect on the ethereal beauty of this very special location. I love outdoor scenes; I prefer these to indoor locations (although some of those can be just as beautiful and carry with them a haunting aura, especially those that were shot in abandoned buildings like in BA’s classic episodes.). So I went with one of Porcupine Tree’s more ambient of their tracks, Lips of Ashes from their 2002 album, In Absentia. I felt this track gave the scene just the right touch of ethereal romanticism without being too overbearing. I watched the edited version when I finished it, and the music just kind of floats, you’re watching the action but the music sort of fades into the background. You become so lost in what Kris and Ariel are doing to each other, the music becomes a presence…nothing more. And that was the effect I was going for.

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The music clip, Lips of Ashes by Porcupine Tree, taken from their album In Absentia (2002) remains their sole property and no copyright infringement is intended.