Kevin the Kinkiest Angel

What a glorious sight?

Let’s see: does Kevin Warhol get the nod for kinkiest of the Kinky Angels? Shit, I’ll say! And with the final part of this scene with Kevin and Jim, from issue 7 of Kinky Angels, which began in issue 2, he more than solidifies that title. That first scene was as raw and as balls-to-the-wall as I’ve seen Bel Ami do in a while. With this scene, it’s just as intense as the first, only this time around, cameramen Luke Hamill and Florian Nemec get involved. I’ve already posted the still images from this one in an earlier post, but they hardly do it justice. The first scene was absolutely killer. The way it was shot, very much in classical cinema verité style. This guerilla-warfare style of camera work was implemented quite frequently in the Italian ‘shockumentary’ horror subgenre of the late 1960’s and early 1970’s as well as in other genres to give a feeling to the viewer of ‘being right there in the action’. Again, in this scene, you get that feeling all the more, resulting in one of the most mind-blowing, nut-busting series of scenes shot to date.

Now, I feel I need to make a note here in regards to the music I selected for this one. With a scene this intense, this raw, needed absolutely nothing less than music to give it that little extra kick to the ball-sack. And I have to say this song by Combichrist, This Shit Will Fuck You Up, from their album, Everybody Hates You, works with this scene extremely well. I haven’t heard much from Combichrist prior to me using it here, and it represents one of the benefits to listening to internet radio at night, i.e., Slacker or Pandora: you’ll always hear something new eventually. And when this song came on my playlist, it blew my ever techno/EBM-loving mind! Not since hearing Marilyn Manson’s music for the first time, did I feel like I’ve just been ass-raped by a band. Now, Combichrist has gained a new fan! I knew that nothing nice-nice or romantic was going to work for this one, and Combichrist filled my need for this edit more than I had hoped. Combichrist, if I need to describe them, is techno with attitude. This is music with raw power and nerve, and not for the faint of heart or for wimps. If you thought Marilyn Manson took no prisoners at times, Combichrist takes no prisoners or gives quarter either! This band makes Depeche Mode look like a bunch of limp-dicks! This song in particular takes no prisoners and makes no excuses. This is music that is total balls-to-the-wall, in your face and will literally kick you squarely in the balls. This scene will definitely have the same effect, as I bring in my own way, the Kinky Angels series to its cum-drenched conclusion.

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