Bel Ami’s Picassos

 I hope the guys at Bel Ami won’t mind me posting this one, but this was cool. I’ve had the film, Graffiti for a while now, but I hadn’t had a chance to sit down with it. When a friend of mine asked me to check out a scene for her, I decided to view it. The opening title sequence I just thought was cool and fun to watch. Now, I’m a bit of an art freak. I’ve taken art lessons for a number of years and I’ve studied art history as well. In a former life, I fancied myself as being an art history, or even a film major. Right here in Philadelphia, we have a nice art museum where I like to spend quiet weekend afternoons. So, when these boys decide to spray paint (graffiti, or ‘tag’) a blank wall in an abandoned building, I just thought this was cool as hell. I think they were channeling Paolo Picasso or Matisse in his later years when they were doing their bit of art work. Too cool, guys! Too cool, indeed! 🙂

I have my weekend viewing lined up, seeing I hadn’t a chance to get through all of this one yet. So, far though, it’s a lot of fun, if you haven’t seen any of it yet, I highly recommend it!

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