Fabien Lally: My Siren

(image by Howard Roffman, from his book, Private Moments)

My Siren

He leaves me breathless when we meet,

A sweaty kiss ever so sweet,

To sent me speechless, bewildered and mild,

Virginal to our loving bed.

You have me spinning out of control,

Gravity can’t take hold,

You are my siren,

And you leave me stranded and in love.

~E.T.Y, 6/24/2011

How is it then that I’ve not noticed Fabien Lally before? Before I even knew his name, I’ve seen pictures of him with some of the Bel Ami boys during a shoot Howard Roffman did for his book, Private Moments. The sight of him left me speechless then. He had caught my dreamy gaze; his beauty and his sensuality in one obviously so young, literally took my breath away. I certainly wouldn’t be the first time that happened and no doubt it will be the last. I still at that moment, I hadn’t a name to call him by, but he was special, nonetheless.

It wasn’t until this week, when the Bel Ami site released one of the last episodes they have shot with Fabien, between the 2002-2008 period: one with he and Brian Bennet, also a final one for him as well. For the life of me I just can’t figure out the reason this gem of a scene was not released in any form. It’s beautifully done- sensuously erotic and the gorgeous lighting only heightens the romantic feel of the scene. It’s a stunner in every way. Now, it’s been rendered a classic for all time. I was so immediately taken by Fabien, (by them both actually), and it was at that moment I gently and lovingly pulled him into my heart….make room my lovelies…you have company. I realized that he had done other scenes and I went on a hunt to discover them. One had been under my nose the entire time: a scene with Kevin Elola from Lemonade. The other was a scene with Todd Rosset from the film, Watching Porn, the opening moments literally made me catch my breath; the moment where they’re together in this enormous field of sunflowers, and kissing they slip down to the ground together….the sun seems to be setting off in the distance….fade to black. This moment was so awe-inspiring and beautiful that I literally couldn’t take a breath…it seemed like my heart had stopped beating at that moment. I realized then that only someone attuned to life, love, natural beauty, the very nature of film itself, could have caught such a moment. With all my love of film inside me, my eyes began to well up. The scene itself is also another stunning work of art. So, having watched all this beauty, and seeing this sensuous young man in action, there was only one thing I could do: to honor him in my own very special way.

I took these scenes and edited them. I also took some of the screen captures from the scenes as well as a couple from the one solo scene he did, plus some images from Roffman’s Private Moments, and put together in a video gallery for him, as well as, for all of you. So, to close out the day’s postings I wanted to end on somewhat of a lighter, gentler note, at least musically. A different style of music was used for these scenes; these would be songs from bands that would have a strong following in the Goth-industrial scene. In order of appearance, here is this mini-film’s track listing:

1)Fabien and Brian Bennet: Lazy Calm– Cocteau Twins, taken from Victorialand. (running time: 6:34)

2)Fabien and Todd Rosset: Why Do You Love Me?– Cocteau Twins (with Harold Budd), taken from The Moon and the Melodies (running time: 4:50)

3)Fabien and Kevin Elola: Sometimes Always: The Jesus and Mary Chain (with Hope Sandoval), taken from Stoned and Dethroned. (running time: 2:33)

4)Fabien Lally video gallery: Song of the Siren: This Mortal Coil, taken from It’ll End With Tears

The gallery video has been made a part of my blog’s permanent collection and it can be viewed here.

Have a wonderful weekend, friends.

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