My heart swoons once more

My heart swoons once more…..

At the gorgeous sight of these two together again.

Well, very much as the saying goes: “What is old, becomes new again.” And so it was this week: one for classic beauty. Josh Elliot and Marc Vidal have been fan favorites for many moons, and like myself, everyone secretly wished for their return. And they have… a manner of speaking.This was, indeed, a precious gift Bel Ami Online’s Archival Master has bestowed upon us. In a few of the Bel Ami books in my possession, I saw images of these two, so I was teased with the notion that a photo session video and a complete gallery set existed. This week, I wondered, hoped and pined away no longer. My heart secretly wished for this to be delivered and now, it has, and it is just as splendid as I had imagined. With their image gallery set, and video of their session, Josh and Marc have returned to us anew. And I welcome back my most treasured of all my ‘old guard’ with open arms, delighted to see them on screen again, if in a slightly different way.

These images are screen captures from Josh and Marc’s photo session video. Some of the images from their gallery set have been made a part of Josh’s permanent gallery page, and can be viewed here.

This summer we are giving more hot Pin-Up duos then ever before. We are kicking off 9 weeks of duo’s with 2 fan favorites in Josh Elliot & Marc Vidal. The photoset is from some earlier work and was never released before. See Marc & Josh in hi resolution and in all their greatness. Both have hot athletic bodies and big uncut dicks that still can make the fans swoon. Hot boys, big dicks and daily content updates exclusively from!

All images and video remain the sole property of Bel Ami Entertainment and no copyright infringement is intended.