Faith In Love Restored

Today’s edition of The Weekly Mash-UP represents the benefit of looking for one thing and then the joy in discovering something else entirely.  This edit was taken from a sequence in Out At Last 1: Souvenirs (1996-1997) I had no idea I had, or at the very least, forgotten about.

During my immersion of watching George Duroy’s earlier Falcon films, I became more and more fascinated with Kristian Jensen, though in those films he shot under a different name. The first time I saw this stunning beauty was in a few scenes he shot for Bel Ami with Lukas Ridgeston in Lukas’ Stories (1994-1995) and in Frisky Summer 1: Best Friends (1995), with another one of my faves from the days of ‘Bel Ami of Old’, Ion Davidov.  However this sequence of episodes took me totally by surprise. I had to celebrate my joy of finding this treasure by doing something ‘special’ with it. I was further ensnared by the beauty of Lucien Barre, who only had a brief time at Bel Ami. As you’ll see inthe final sequence of this clip, his face was so hauntingly beautiful that I now often imagine what erotic magic he would have done had he stayed. I wanted to have the clip I did from this scene do the talking for me….guess I can’t getout of writing some kind of lead in, can I?

This sequence (greatly edited….), would be a very good early example (one of many Ihad discovered) of George Duroy’s talent for storytelling through film, and prove again in a general way the power film has, in any genre, to tell stories and conveying human emotion to an audience. A composite of three scenes/episodes put together, George had originally intended for them to be a very early try at the film, Team Play.   For whatever reason George had for shelving the footage, it was my hope with this edit that it would see new life and a ‘forever home’ here with Bella. 

Most of the clips I noticed in the earlier scenes in the Out At Last series (certainly not all ofthem), if there was a scene involving verbal interaction between the guys, it didn’t have subtitles.  However, these guys proved to be such splendid actors that much of any verbal contextual element could be derived by their actions and their body language; think of it as watching a silent film. You may not understand every word of dialogue, maybe pick up a word here and there, yet even still you can feel the impact of thee motion expressed.  And that’s what I hope will come across in this video edit. I thought it was wonderfully done. The sex was there only as a partial element to telling the story within these three interconnected scenes, and I tried to not only keep those story elements intact as much as possible, but I didn’t want the sex to be the most dominant feature in it, as with some of my other edits.  It’s there certainly (I wouldn’t dare leave it out), but it’s there to serve as a storytelling plot device.
Who needs plot in porn?
Damn! I knew someone would throw that at me!
I know that many people don’t like ‘plot-driven porn’, or storyline porn. However, I also know that there are many that do. And if Seriously Sexy wasn’t a good enough indication, these guys have some great and interesting acting ability, whether you want to believe that or not.  Not only exhibited by the guys in this clip, but I would refer to Josh Elliot and Brandon Manilow. In Seriously Sexy, I loved how they played off one another. Call it chemistry, or comfort. I call it movie magic, and it makes these guys just that much more enjoyable to watch.

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