Kevin Warhol Fun

Oh, my, everyone…this one you absolutely can’t, I mean, CAN NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES MISS!!!! Truly, you guys know me by now: would I ever steer you wrong?

This third installment in the Back in Africa series shows, young horny scamp, Kevin Warhol getting into all kinds of mischievous fun. Hmm….let’s see..he starts off giving Phillipe Gaudin a very hot and sexy wake-up BJ…

Breakfast of Champions? Boy, I’ll say!
After some fun in the pool, Kevin’s still horny
(HA! I say that as if it were a bad thing!)
So, what’s a horny boy to do? Well, jerk off, of course!
And he shoots his load all over a sleeping Luke Hamill!
ROFLMAO!!!! Totally outrageous! 🙂 Nice one, Kev!
You got to love him…and I sooooooo do! 🙂

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