Marty Stevens: Bel Ami’s Master Photographer

I feel I would be gravely amiss, if not severely faulted, if I didn’t mention something about one of the true artists of Bel Ami, Marty Stevens. George Duroy’s first model, Marty would be responsible for all the pin-up and couple portraiture of the Bel Ami boys, as well as filming Bel Ami scenes. His first film in the role of director would be Mating Season, which featured one of the hottest and most comical orgy scenes Bel Ami had produced, the now-famous Blow Job Orgy.  Marty would shoot many of my favorite couple photo sessions, many of which I’ve presented here on my blog already. I’ve mentioned Howard Roffman and Benno Thoma as some of my favorite photographers, but I can’t leave out Marty, whose work is just as exquisite. Many of the guys, former models themselves and who have now taken up the camera, more than likely learned all they know from him.

Today’s video clip, (taken from The Private Life of Brandon Manilow), is a brief one of one of my favorite photo sessions, the one from which these images emerged. The exact year this shoot was done alludes me at the moment, but I believe it was done around the 2004-2006 period, during one of Bel Ami’s many trips to Cape Town, South Africa. My heart yearns for more images from this shoot, of which I only have a few. Some I’ve posted here and there, but I thought I’d try, along with this clip, to bring them all together in one place. Brandon Manilow, Sascha Chaykin and Tommy Hansen truly look their divine best here and they certainly looked like they had fun. And as you will see, Tommy was quite the comedic character.