I’m Your Turbo Lover

Brandon Manilow and Brian Bennett~Seriously Sexy Part One

Seeing as this scene has been nominated for Best Duo in this year’s GAYVN Awards, I felt I should honor it in my own special way.First time I saw it I thought it was a killer scene (with Brandon Manilow involved, could I in all honesty have expected anything less).The unbridled animal passion that just erupted out of him made my eyes bug out. I LOVED IT!!! I was very willing to forgive the small plot point in the film, in that Josh spies Brandon being unfaithful to him yet again (more on that later, when I get to the review of the film). All I need to say at this time, when Brandon gives a piano lesson, he teaches his ‘student’ more than just chopsticks.

I thought that Judas Priest’s song, Turbo Lover would more than fit this scene.I felt that it fit the scene’s energy to the letter.I love Judas Priest, but I love Brandon’s animalistic heated passion even more. Put together, it just makes the scene drip in heat and sweat.

Video clip taken from Seriously Sexy Part One (2009, dir. George Duroy)

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