Angel Eyes~ A tribute to Josh Elliot

My sweet lover-man! 😉

When one gazes at Josh’s sweet puppy-dog eyes, who would not fall in love with him on the spot?  I certainly did. Can you blame me? 🙂 Call me a shameless romantic but I see him as the epitome of sweet, child-like innocence. In the midst of his sweetness, one can’t deny his sexiness as it comes across in his scenes.  I’ve seen many still images of him before I saw him in a scene. When I finally did, he blew me away. What attracts me the most to him is his obvious passion and sexual energy. You watch him and not only do you see it, you can’t help but feel it. The camera loves him. It is no wonder that he has remained within the hearts of fans all over the world (including yours truly), and became a very important part of Bel Ami’s story.

In honor of one of my favorite Bel Ami beauties (I’ve gathered quite a few of them by now, don’t you know), I put together this slide presentation. I went through all the image sets I’ve collected and I tried to chose the best ones that exemplified the passion and beauty of this talented erotic artist.

The musical accompaniment is a combination of my musical friends, past and present. The opening track is from a band I’ve enjoyed since my brother introduced me to them in the 1980’s. Roxy Music and the band’s sexy front man, Bryan Ferry have been one of my oldest musical friends, seeing me through both hard and good times. The track is called, what else, Angel Eyes. I couldn’t resist. This song fit Josh perfectly. Next song is by a band who my interest grew out of my love for the horror film genre. The band Goblin I’ve introduced to you in a few other posts and the one that follows. Those familiar with the films of Dario Argento should already be familiar with Goblin’s music featured prominently in those films. The track I chose was taken from a later soundtrack from the film, Sleepless called Endless Love. This track and the one that would close out the video I thought would set off the images taken from his scenes fairly well. The closing track is Hello from Evanescence taken from their album, Fallen.

Enjoy, loves


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