Passion Play

As I was going through some image sets for a slide show I finished today (getting ready to post), I noticed that on one of the sets, although I may not have seen the scene where these screen shots came from, the passion that was shown by the two models was intense enough to elicit my arousal. To me, that is what makes great erotica, for as I was looking at those images, I was able to feel their passion and desire for one another, by taking note of their expressions and their actions.

According to the Merriam-Webster online dictionary, passion, is defined as:

1) often capitalized– the sufferings of Christ between the night of the Last Supper and his death,

2) obsolete: Suffering,

3) the state or capacity of being acted on by external agents or forces,

4) 1) a: EMOTION  2) plural: the emotions as distinguished from reason, b: intense, driving, or overmastering feeling or conviction c: an outbreak of anger

5) a: ardent affection: LOVE b: a strong liking or desire for or devotion to some activity, object, or concept c: sexual desire d: an object of desire, or deep interest.

(Source: passion (2010). In Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary. Retrieved August 7, 2010, from

Passion, within the context of the 5th definition, is one of the more important elements of expressing physical love, and also love in general.  It is our passion that allows us to externalize what we feel within us, to express it. What makes something erotic, whether in film, photography or literature is our ability to feel these intense emotions expressed by the artists, thereby, creating the shared experience, which is the essence of all art.

In my own fervor, I went through all the image sets I had and I set up a new gallery of all those that I felt showed the most emotion. It was tough making my choices but I managed to find quite a few. These that made their way into this gallery, very well may find their way again in another more encompassing gallery displaying the art of Bel Ami.  These in and of themselves, are the epitome of erotic art.

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