Ode To A Satellite Heart

Again I find myself in a situation where even the written word has been found to betray me. As I busily try to chisel away at my to do list, waxing creative, I got some very tragic news late last night from one of my fellow bloggers and friends in the industry. Shane Risk, a porn actor in California committed suicide yesterday. He was 25. He had left the industry to work on a music career. The reasons why he decided to end his life we’ll never know, but the world has lost another artist, another young heart. Although I’ve not had the pleasure of knowing him personally, or his work, the touching write-up in my friend’s blog sent me into tears. To read it for yourselves, go here. For those who had the pleasure to know him he had brought light into the lives of all he touched. So sad, that he couldn’t shine some of that light on himself.
I created a fan trailer for GDuroy’s Seriously Sexy Parts One and Two (no spoilers) and I used for the song to play over the images I chose, Satellite Heart by Anya Marina taken from the Twilight Saga: New Moon original motion picture soundtrack. I tried to not only tell a part of the film’s story in this one, at the same time, the song resonated such a deep chord within me about the loss of this young life. This video will serve two functions: to pay tribute to a very cool film (review pending in a later post) and as a way to express my grief at the loss of this young heart.
RIP Shane Risk (1985-2010). This one is for you.

All video and audio clips remain the sole property of their copyright holders and no copyright infringement is intended.

Video clips taken from GDuroy’s Seriously Sexy Part One (2009) and GDuroy Seriously Sexy Part Two (2010), dir. George Duroy.
Music clip Satellite Heart, Anya Marina, taken from Twilight Saga: New Moon original motion picture soundtrack.