Princes of Serenity: Passion Plays in Ibiza

Are you looking for a moment of Zen? You need to look no further then these four magical scenes that Bel Ami has conjured. All four of these are special for they were shot last year at where is probably their most exotic locale to date: Ibiza, Spain. These scenes have such a tranquil mood expressed within them that you could as easily relax to them as get aroused by them, and for many (including yours truly) relaxation and arousal can be one and the same.

These scenes are special in another way and that is in the way these scenes were originally shot. These four scenes will represent Bel Ami’s first venture into the world of 3D film-making. Although I am presenting much edited versions of the originals in standard definition (where they can also be enjoyed if you lack the proper 3D equipment to view them), you will notice a difference in the way these scenes were shot. For instance, there aren’t many close-up shots. That would be mainly because the cameras used to film the scenes (the 3D High Definition cameras) are very bulky and heavy. They have to be mounted onto tripods, and to achieve the 3D effect, the scenes are in essence ‘shot twice’ at the same time: one camera for the left eye and one for the right eye, so placement of the cameras also has to be carefully done, and also because of the tripods, is, also, limiting to the cameras’ placement. But what you lose, I feel, you gain back, because not only do you see these beautiful guys, but you get to see more of the lovely, dreamlike location they have found themselves in. When these 3D images are processed, as they are played back and as you wear special glasses to view them, your eyes are ‘tricked’ into viewing one image. One is over-laid on the other so it gives the images a feeling of depth to the viewer. Although the scenes as I’m presenting them here are in standard definition, you can almost tell where a 3D effect would be applied. Lighter cameras will greatly enhance the creation of these scenes and as time goes on, as more and more filmmakers are picking up on this technique, we’re likely to see more and better creations, with content as limitless as a filmmaker’s imagination.

When presenting these scenes I did it slightly out of sequence from when they were released on the Bel Ami website. I wanted a certain mood to be expressed, in both the images themselves, and in the music I chose to express these scenes. The first scene in my ‘mini-film’ was actually the third one that was released in the series: the one with Dolph Lambert and Jack Harrer. Because of the tranquil beauty of this outdoor setting, I wanted this one to be the ‘cover scene’ for my mash-up. The piece of music I chose I’m literally heartbroken I haven’t been able to nail down the composer of it so I can give him or her the credit they deserve. It’s a beautiful piece of gentle music I thought suited this opening scene to perfection, as are Dolph and Jack.

The opening scene gently surrenders itself to the next one of Vadim Farrell and Dario Dolce. Their playfulness in an outdoor shower gives way to a passionate romp in the bedroom.

Throughout the rest of these scenes you should notice some old musical friends of mine, and I requested their help to tell the stories of these scenes, each one expressing a slightly different mood with one unifying purpose: to show the tranquil and subtle beauty of both these scenes and this beautiful location.

For the third one, we move inside this amazing ‘palace’ and to our next pair of princes: Jim Kerouac and Harris Hilton.

Their coupling was so playfully energetic that the piece of music had to be too. The piece I chose was one of my first experiments in playing with my audio editor to lengthen one of my favorite B. K. Sun pieces. The final arranged piece, aptly titled “Lost in the Paradise of your Arms”, proved to be just as playful in its sound as the two of them. It’s a scene of passionate abandon and a lot of fun. There is a bit where at one point it made me hold my breath but it was one where these two wanted to show off their athleticism. I’m not going to complain; it was pretty awesome, and quite daring.

For the closing scene with Kris Evans and Dario Dolce, the mood is changed to one more tranquil again, at least in terms of the music.

This was a scene everyone (including myself) have been aching to see: Kris’ triumphant return to the Bel Ami fold. And no one was more happier than I. I saw this scene as a special gift to all of his fans who have been left wondering if we would ever see this beautiful beyond all belief Adonis again. It was with great joy to see him again and present this one to you, however ‘abridged’ it happened to be.

Hope you enjoy my Princes!

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