Pictures of You

Remembering you
Remembering us

As the cover scene from Pillow Talk 2 opens, Chris Casablanca and Ben Bloom play a couple looking at some photos taken when they first met (their photo session, presumably) and they remember, via flashback their first sexual encounter.


Choosing the song, Pictures of You by The Cure to use for this mash up, and this addition to my Summer Songs series, seemed almost too easy. The Cure have been the reigning kings of ‘the break-up’ song for many moons, but with the additions of clips from Chris and Ben’s photo session to open my edited version, it puts the song into a slightly different context. The line: “Remembering you” becomes transmuted into “Remembering us” and it becomes then a song of staying together so much more so, than one of tearing apart. When this clip was previewed I’ve received comments that this was my best editing work to date. It only helps solidify my love for this art, my love always to the guys who’ve worked so hard to create it, and the joy I’ve found at discovering a new way to ‘write’ my stories.

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