In Praise of Eros, video tribute Part Two Episode 9

In Praise of Eros Part Two
La Petite Mort Episode 9: Josh Elliot and Paul Valery
The more scenes I see of Josh Elliot, the more I, well, need to see of him. I can’t get enough it would seem. From the very first scene I saw of him with Brandon Manilow in Lukas In Love Part One (2005), and recently Seriously Sexy Part One (2009) and Part Two (2010), his sex appeal became immediately apparent. He started with Bel Ami as a bottom and in earlier scenes he could be seen bottoming for the classic romantics Sebastian Bonnet, Ralph Wood and of course Brandon Manilow. It would be in later scenes that he would be known as an energetic top in his own right, although one would never be apt to lock him in one or the other, which would make him versatile, now wouldn’t it? Either way, he’s pure joy to watch. This scene, taken from Seriously Sexy Part One (2009), proves what erotic gifts he has in his possession. A more detailed review of the film will follow in a later post so I won’t spoil too much here. But after catching his lover Brandon cheating on him one too many times, he proves that two can play at the cheating game.
I used for the musical accompaniment to this scene an old friend from the 1980’s, Slave to Love, by Bryan Ferry, taken from the 1985 album, Boys and Girls.
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Video clip from Seriously Sexy Part One (2009), dir. George Duroy.