To Turn You On

Josh Elliot and Matt Phillipe (sex scene/condom-free episode, Bel Ami website, unknown release date)

Whoa! doesn’t even begin to come close to describing my feelings when I view this one, but I must say, when you view this in its entirety, it will be the happiest 13 minutes of your life (the posted clip is not the full version).  I’m approaching early afternoon in my little corner of the world, but I’m sure, no matter what time of day it is where you are, this gorgeous clip will help perk your day right up, or maybe bring it off to a fine finish. 😉 

The very first scene I saw with Josh Elliot was the one with Brandon Manilow in Lukas In Love Part One (2005).  I thought the passion the two of them had in that scene was blistering hot and they were a pleasure to watch, and I thought they made a gorgeous couple. I truly thought that Josh and Brandon were a match made in Bel Ami Heaven. I still stand by that sentiment. And then I saw an image set of Josh and Matt Phillipe and was completely floored by their beautiful passion. The obvious chemistry these two had, just based on those images alone aroused me, although that particular scene remains one I’ll have to search out. However, to tide me over, I managed to find this gorgeous beauty. It’s a condom free episode from the Bel Ami website; not sure of the original release date (sorry, in my excitement to have found this, I didn’t take notice if there was one noted. *sniff* Geez, some archivist/cataloger I’ve turned out to be.).  From what I’ve been able to ascertain, this is a slightly different version of a scene from Pretty Boy (2004),  having not seen the film as yet, I can’t vouch for my intel. But it’s a scorching hot scene none the less, filled with romantic passion. For me, there is nothing more sensual than feeling the touch of your lover’s bare flesh inside you.  And nothing is more highly erotic than sex the way nature had intended.

I originally had this clip listed as being part of my In Praise of Eros tribute, but I stingily held on to it. I think I was waiting for the right opportunity to share this one (yeah, as if I really needed one..*grin*). But I think I was trying to find the right musical accompaniment for this one. And I found it. I went back to Roxy Music again and I found the perfect song to serve to serenade this gorgeous couple making sweet love: what else? To Turn You On, taken from Roxy Music’s 1981 album, Avalon. And boy, I have to admit, the song is amazingly apropos.

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