A Miracle Drug-Colin and Gaelan

Why, Gaelan, what on earth are you doing here?

Aren’t you supposed to be on your way to South Africa?

As I’m sure those were the thoughts that ran over Gaelan Binoche’s surprise visit to the Bratislava studio. He arrived unshaven, yet looking as sexy and cute as ever. He’s put on a goodly amount of muscle since the last time we saw him, and I must say, he’s filled out rather nicely and in all the right places. His body now seems to compliment his huge cock. Colin Hewitt happened to be there and Gaelan was busily showing Colin something on his computer, something which seemed to turn him on to no end. And in that instance the cameraman found a moment to catch their sex play on film, resulting in this sexy, impromptu scene. Well, if I were to wish someone bon voyage, this would be how I would do it. *wink* *grin*

I know I posted this one earlier, but this one was so good, I couldn’t resist making this one another in my Summer Songs series. I wasn’t sure a U2 song would work for this one. To my surprise I thought their song Miracle Drug from their album, How to Disarm an Atomic Bomb worked quite well.

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