Passion Bel Ami-Style Passion Play video gallery

Several months ago, I wrote a post introducing the very first, Passion Play gallery I presented. At first this initial gallery was supposed to stand alone, but over time, as I became an explorer of Bel Ami’s rich canon of films and scenes I became enraptured by the passion I continued to find. And even now, I’m still discovering more (past and present) and will continue to do so. From a comment I posted on the original post of the first gallery and it describes my reason for creating the first gallery and all the ones that would eventually follow it:

“So often I’ve seen porn that just looks mechanical, as if the performers are just going through the motions and that’s it. I stayed away from porn for a number of years because the sex was just that…sex. Where was the emotion? The nature of our sexual responses is more than just anatomical/physiological. There’s a mental, spiritual and emotional component to it as well. I need to feel the emotion of the two people involved otherwise it doesn’t arouse me or get me off.
Too often men feel that if they show strong emotion in a positive way, they aren’t men. Another instance where I have to say bullshit. If you didn’t show any emotion you’re not being “human”. What Bel Ami’s films show us, and why I love these films so much, is that feeling intense passion/emotion for someone is fine, it’s wonderful and beautiful, and it’s very important to the overall pleasure of sex. And that’s the other thing that I love about Bel Ami’s films…all the moments of tenderness that are expressed within. They have some of the most gifted photographers working in that studio and they have proven to the point of being almost magical, how well they can capture those moments in still frame. To do that takes tremendous talent and passion for their art. Just as the guys do a wondrous job of expressing their emotions on film, so too do the artists behind the camera lens.”

It was from that initial post, and after I’ve continued to find more images with couples displaying intense passion and emotion.The more images I was finding, the more I realized one gallery wasn’t going to be enough and I decided to make this into a regular gallery series. All the tender, passionate emotion that is displayed in these films and images are the reasons I keep, and will continue to, coming back to Bel Ami. Before I reveal the next set of passionate couples, my most recent and just as glorious finds, I put together a video gallery of some of the best images from all the mini galleries I’ve posted so far.

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