Bella Turns A Year Old!

Happy Birthday, Bella Ami Femme Fatale!
Last week, a milestone has been reached: as of last Wednesday, Bella turned a year old. And in a matter of days, I’ll be celebrating the one year anniversary of my joining BelAmiOnline. I have to say it went by pretty quickly, and it has been an amazing and beautiful trip so far. I’m happy too that you got to share this with me. I was questioning what would be the best way to celebrate this occasion, yet I can reflect upon it in this way:

It was a lot of hard work to keep her going all this time, despite the fact that it was also a heck of a lot of fun. There were some hard-ships along the way, but they were overcome and Bella prospered and persevered. She’s a tough little girl, my brain child is, and like all children she can be stubborn; she fusses when I don’t have an opportunity to play with her at times when I become busy with other things. She is indeed tough, and very beautiful, and I love her just as much as if she was a flesh and blood child. Most important of all: was the positive response she has received, from the comments some of you have left and emails I’ve also received expressing your appreciationof the work I have done here. But most important of all, and by far the best birthday gift she has received, was the guys at BA appreciate her too. That above all, touches me to my core. After all, I created Bella for Bel Ami, as a living monument to them. The simple fact that she’s been accepted by them proves to me how important what I have done here truly is, if I didn’t know that already. It’s about giving back to all of them, and a show of my deepest love and respect for them that became my inspiration for bringing Bella forth into the internet world. Also, a little positive energy doesn’t hurt, it could only help, and it’s so needed in a very negative world. We will always need more beauty in this world; certainly not less. And Bel Ami, since they began, has given us all just exactly that: beauty: beauty of the male form and the beauty of male sexuality.

Bella wants to celebrate her birthday with all her new Bel Ami friends, and she stands to gain many more. To that end, I created this video gallery of some of Bel Ami’s images past and present, with musical accompaniment that really shouldn’t need any introduction by now *grin*. Bel Ami is an awesome place, and more and more, I’ve come to love my new extended family.

All images remain the sole property of Bel Ami Entertainment and no copyright infringement is intended.