Jack Harrer and Marco Bill: BAOL Update

Alternate title: Kitchen’s Can Be Fun

And when it comes to these two, they come more than fun. They came in for a little afternoon nibble, and in no time at all they begin to nibble on one another!

Now the kitchen may not be the world’s most romantic place to ‘get to know that special someone’ a little better. But this place seemed as good a place as any to indulge in a hot fuck-fest! And if someone were to ask me, it would seem as if they wanted to have a recreation of a similar scene between Sebastian Bonnet and Tommy Hansen from Alpine Adventure. History does have a way of repeating itself, though you need to give credit where it’s due and say these guys decided to put their own unique spin to things.

Whoa…..(that’s really all I can say…a stunning display of athleticism here)

Bet you can feel the heat rising in this kitchen!

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