Back In Africa series-BAOL Update

Back In Africa Reality Series

During the last weekend of each month, features three update scenes from the Back In Africa reality series, directed by Luke Hamill.  The series follows Luke and a small group of guys as they go to Cape Town, South Africa for an intensive English course. All the video footage is captured by the boys themselves. The result: Some of the sexiest, naughtiest and funniest stuff Bel Ami has produced in a while. Bel Ami has been known too for the humor in some of their scenes, and it’s a pleasure to see here–and then some! *grin, wink*

In last month’s installment, we got to see a behind the scenes view as the boys go to their English class…

They rocked it!!! *GRIN*

Then a sex scene with always hot Ariel Vanean and Phillipe Gaudin (scene clip posted here)

And then a documentary that features an interesting mix of sightseeing and sex! And you don’t want to miss a second of this smoking hot time!

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