We left our love in our summer skin

This very special edit should serve as a graceful collective memory of our first sexual experience and it’s one that is so universal, despite our sexual orientation that we watch one of these scenes and we say to ourselves: ‘oh, yes, that’s how it was for me too’.

According to George’s text commentary introducing this scene, it was originally slated for Cherries (1999), but decided to have it re-shot with Marcel and Adrian Kinski. Sasha and Marcel seemed to fumble around a bit, but if they were suppose to portray a young couple’s first sexual experience, well naturally they would be a tad clumsy. LOL! The other point of contention I remember him noting about this scene was the movement from a natural setting to an indoor one, which he didn’t like so well; another reason he wanted to re-shoot the scene. I think I’m inclined to agree with him on that point. It was such a sweet, gentle scene you would want these two to have their first sexual experience out in nature, the way it was intended to be, not in an artificial space doused with bright sunlight from a window, sunlight being replaced by incandescent lighting. I’m sure you remember your first time, don’t you? Remember how nervous you were a little at first, and not really sure of your way. There was no one around to show you what to do; you just had to do what your heart and soul told you, as well as your partner. We all remember those moments and as bumbling as we thought we were, they were still beautiful and special memories. Thanks to these films, we get to be taken back to our own special moments, of memories of ‘splendor in the grass’.

Music selection: Summer Skin, Death Cab for Cutie, taken from Plans

All video clips taken from Out At Last 2: Bonbons (2002), dir. George Duroy; video clips remain the sole property of Bel Ami Entertainment and no copyright infringement is intended.