Happy New Year 2012!

We are back! 🙂 After taking a holiday break of sorts, it’s now back to what promises to be a very exciting year! (And no, I can’t give you any of the details….shh!) That would be telling! ;)You guys are just going to have to trust me. You’ll know in due course.  I’ve been also battling a nasty head cold for much of the holidays. In any event I hope everyone had a great holiday season and that the new year is going well for all of you so far.

To kick off this week (and while we are still sorting things out with the move and other things), I wanted to present a special edition to the Weekly Mash-Up series.   Originally, this mash-up was intended for a special project I was working on over the summer prior to my computer crashing: a Bel Ami video history lesson, of sorts, and it was the last one I had completed for that project. I have since scrapped the original project, yet the edits I did especially for it remain. This was one of them: a re-edit of Julian Armanis and Claude Cocteau’s scene from The English Student.  As I remember the rather long list the members of the BAOL Forum and I created of our favorite Bel Ami scenes of all time (perhaps I’ll share that list later on here), this scene made the list and I had forgotten about my re-edit….until now.  I presented this in the Forum as my New Year’s message to everyone as a ‘gift’ to all of its members, as well as to all of those at Bel Ami, with all my love. It was also meant as a blessing for the coming year.

The scene itself was indeed magical and so too, as I discovered while putting this one together, was the music, for it will serve as it’s own message and blessing for this new year. To many of you this piece of music should sound somewhat familiar, and if there are any fans of the 1980’s film, Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, it will sound VERY familiar. At least, I hope it will.  Both of these tracks performed by The Dream Academy, (instrumental and vocal covers of The Smiths’ song Please, Please Let Me Get What I Want, were hard as the devil to find and even harder to edit together. It’s not perfect but still both were meant to be together, just as were Julian and Claude at the end of this film. 🙂

Enjoy! And happiest of New Years to you and yours!

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