The Festival of Love continues…somewhat

Although the Festival of Love video series has long since ended, still I couldn’t put the project to bed completely without giving you all another little something: a short slide show of images taken from the scenes that I posted. Links of the films are given at each video posting, but it couldn’t hurt to give them again here.  Also, the music for this very special tribute are more B. K Sun tracks that I recently found. Some you all should recognize, and others are totally new..well, maybe.

All images and music clips remain the sole property of Bel Ami Entertainment and no copyright infringement is intended.

In case you wanted to go back to a particular post/scene, I’ve provided the full list with links to the post as well as the film links. Enjoy!

Full linkage 🙂 –

Shamash– Ethan Clarke and Yves Carradine: Lukas In Love Part One

1st Night– Josh Elliot and Brandon Manilow: Lukas In Love Part One

2nd Night– Ethan Clarke and Sven Olafsson: Enchanted Forest

3rd Night– Chris Cameron and Jeff Daniels: Flings

4th Night– Chance and Johan Paulik: An American In Prague

5th Night– Johan Paulik and Peter Sudow: Lukas’ Stories

6th Night– Oliver Krist and Nico Tiziani: Flings

7th Night– Mark Aubrey and Joel D’amici: Pillow Talk 2

8th Night– Josh Elliot and Benjamin Bloom: Pillow Talk 2