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  1. some of the original comments that can be found in the members area ( ):
    pankoff – 6/4/2012 11:51:28 AM
    Jerry is really great. Great smile, great body, great dick and Oh great great sack. Keep him cuming…..:)

    abicidi1 – 6/4/2012 9:44:58 AM
    Jerry*** il fisico e il cazzo, soprattutto le palle, li ha, ma avrebbe bisogno di tanta scuola e di una fortr motivazione per continuare…

    xindi005 – 6/4/2012 8:51:41 AM
    Now that’s a cute guy. I had my doubts when I saw some of the pictures, but seeing him in motion changed my mind. Jerry’s got nice, dark eyes that can draw you in with a cute, natural face. His body still perfectly toned with right amount of muscle. His ass is nice and hairy and I really love his low hanging balls; they made my mouth water. I’d really love to see him in action again….regardless of the weak cumshot at the end.

    guydeparis – 6/4/2012 1:14:00 AM
    Unfortunately, not at all a BA guy.

    notary – 6/3/2012 11:06:12 PM
    Jerry is rather poker-faced unles he is talking about something he enjoys — then he breaks into a tiny smile. I think that Bel Ami has better men in their stable.

    haroldc686 – 6/3/2012 10:11:21 PM
    Cute as heck, great hairy jock legs, nice thick cock, a a winning smile. What’s not to like about this young stud muffin? More of him, please.

    valere1 – 6/3/2012 9:47:28 PM
    Nature has been kind to him. I am impressed, though he is quite laconic.

    steveyork – 6/3/2012 9:37:47 PM
    a question for the photographer: it’s hard to see a cum shot in a bright white and yellow room. i like cum shots. a little contrast will make them more vivid. even visible.

    badboybrent – 6/3/2012 9:08:01 PM
    Nice guy, but he just didn’t capture my attention…I’ll pass.

    kiviuittuk – 6/3/2012 6:58:57 PM
    Yes, nice boy – pleasantly personable. However, down to a choice between Jerry and David Coogan, I’d choose David in a blink of an eye.

    enberke – 6/3/2012 5:25:25 PM
    Nice guy. Rather good interview too.

    belamimecs – 6/3/2012 5:08:11 PM
    I wish he would make later a pinup gallery set for our great pleasure.

    jsbachl – 6/3/2012 5:03:06 PM
    Who could’nt like Jerry!!! He is a fantastic model and I’m sure that BA would be a winner to call back and engage Jerry!!! He has everything to perform with the KA. His nice big dick,eyes,smiling,hair legs,jacking off etc… are very attractive and exciting .Please BA call back Jerry and show us a training session with Gaudin or one of the KA, or with TRhuklin and Jaco!!!

    whitestealth93 – 6/3/2012 1:15:05 PM
    This must have been taken before the photo shoot. He is probably long gone by now. Don’t know why…

    Dopey9 – 6/3/2012 12:59:15 PM
    Hope you can keep this one for training love his big boy balls and am sure he will produce a bigger cum shot next time tell him to keep his hands off his nice cock for a few days difficult I know but we would appreciate it.

    thick18 – 6/3/2012 12:51:54 PM
    I wish he had a surname! That cock could do a lot for BA.

    rcgrcg – 6/3/2012 12:20:05 PM
    He’s cute, built and hung with a super hard, fat, veiny cock! Yes, Im in love too!

    JWC1202 – 6/3/2012 11:25:12 AM
    God, I think I’m in love. This kid is perfect. By which I mean: he has a perfect face, perfect body, perfect cock. I love a thick, veiny, uncut cock, and that’s just what Jerry has. And that’s in addition to very nice arms, a well-chiseled chest, a killer smile…! He’s the whole package. It seems doubtful we’ll be seeing more from him, sadly, but even this solo shoot was well worthwhile. The image of him standing before the camera, cock still semi-flaccid, after getting off is etched in my mind. Still image #14 of him looking at himself in the mirror with cock well in-hand is simply breath-taking.

    alocam – 6/3/2012 11:20:44 AM
    Please bring Jerry back, very sexy, very HOTT!

    wwells – 6/3/2012 10:19:27 AM
    Jack and Florian are a hard act to follow.