The Baby Dragon and Prince Charming

This little story I bring you today comes from one of my very old writer’s notebooks I used to keep as a school girl. Perhaps it’s a bit innocent by most readers of romance standards, but take it at it’s source: I was only fourteen when I wrote it. I took it, fixed it up (though I kept the style I wrote in as a child) and I decided to use it as the backdrop, or far more appropriately my inspiration, to help tell the story of today’s very special Summer Song.

Yesterday on Bel Ami Online, they released the second episode to feature Kevin Warhol and Jean-Daniel Chagall, where this time around Jean-Daniel tops (Kevin tops in their scene presented in Issue 2 of Kinky Angels).

Although these scenes could be enjoyed on their own, taken together they represent a very sweet, passionate and erotic, two-part episode. The common thread I decided to give both of these episodes will be found in the music: two tracks that I thought so fittingly portray the dragon spirit I see within young Kevin. I re-cut the Issue 2 episode, using the same musical track I used in my original edit of the scene, but lengthening a couple of sequences. Then re-edited this new episode using a similar musical clip by the same artist. My thought was that, while in the earlier edit I did for the first scene, the music seemed to dominate too much. As I re-cut that scene, along with the new episode, I decided to let the music help tell the story with the two of them, to serve as a musical backdrop for them. I wanted the music to work with the guys this time around, not against them, making the music serve it’s more intended purpose; to help give these scenes their emotional edge. I wanted you to hear not only the music this time, but also their cute bantering as well.

And it was also when I edited down both of these scenes and brought them together, they inspired me to relocate the fairy tale I wrote as a young teenager, who was at the time, feeling the stirrings of first love just as the young dragon does in my story.


In a far off land, a young emperor had been struck ill and asked the king of a neighboring country for help. In return it would mean an end to the war that was ripping apart both their lands. The king sent his only son, with his entourage, to sail to the emperor’s kingdom to bring whatever aid he could. The trip would be long and treacherous over very rough seas.

After about a fortnight and odd days, a violent storm erupted at sea causing the sailing crew to lose control of their small frigate. Unable to steer the boat, it crashed against some rocks throwing everyone overboard. It was feared the prince was drowned. The boat was never to be found. Pieces of wood would wash ashore on an near-by uncharted island, never before visited by explorers. As the story goes, the prince was rescued. But the identity of his savior remains a mystery.

The prince slept for many days and nights, recovering from his injuries. When he finally awoke, there was food awaiting him and a flask of wine, his wounds had been tended to, but he was alone. He ate not knowing who it was that helped him or healed his wounds. Yet as he ate and rested, he had gotten the feeling that he was being watched. Then one morning, as the sun blanketed him as he rested, his wounds were nearly healed, he awoke to find a golden apple on a plate where his other food had been. “Can I eat this?” the Prince asked, not sure anyone was around to answer him. “And what would happen to me if I did?” And he didn’t expect an answer. Until it came in the form of a young gold dragon, it’s scales glinting in the sun as it hovered close by him. “You’ll heal faster if you ate it.” The dragon said as it landed near him. The creature picked up the apple and handed it to the Prince. “Go on.” He urged. “Try it. It’s not poisoned or anything.” The Prince knew something about dragons, and he knew that although this one appeared to be young, he was about a year or two out of his nest, which meant he was about the age of a human young adult. “How do I know this isn’t a trick to seduce me?” The Prince asked sitting up slightly, and looking at the apple, without taking his eyes from the dragon. “I know something about your kind, you know.” “You’ll just have to trust me.” The Dragon answered, as he waited anxiously for the Prince to take his gift.

Trust and dragons, well, they were as dissimilar as hot dogs and ice cream. But seeing as he wanted to heal fast and get back to his journey, he took the apple from the Dragon and ate it. The Dragon smiled, and laughing, took off into the air. The Prince looked after him very confused, but he followed the creature to its lair up into the mountains. The Prince almost slipped a few times making the climb up the mountain. A hand had reached down to help him the rest of the way. The hand was attached to a young man. Upon seeing the Prince, the young man couldn’t meet his eyes. The Prince looked around but couldn’t see the Dragon. “Where’s the Dragon that I followed here?” The Prince asked. “I’m he.” The boy replied. The Prince said in disbelief. “You’re not a Dragon. You’re as human as I am.” “No one comes to this island any more. I live here all alone. You’re the first one I’ve seen here in a thousand years. (Since dragons don’t reckon time the same way we do, a thousand years to a dragon would be the same as one of our years) “I’ll prove to you I am what I say, if you stay with me.”The boy reached up to touch the Prince’s cheek.“Give me two days and two nights with you. That is all I desire. Then after that time has passed, I’ll reveal to you my true self.” “Sounds easy enough.” The Prince answered. They kissed and the bargain was struck.

Two days and nights seemed but a fleeting dream, and when the time was over, lying next to the Prince was the gold dragon again. Around them were thousands upon thousands of pearls the colors of sea grass, the color of the island seas, the color of the Prince’s hair. “You leave me today.” The Dragon said sadly. “Yes,” The Prince replied with equal sadness. He was lying stretched out across the Dragon’s front paws. “I have a promise I have to keep.” “With another?” The Dragon again asked sadly. “Yes.” Was all the Prince could say. “I want you to stay because I’ve fallen in love with you, but it brings me deep sorrow to know that you cannot. You brought love to me and I never felt it before.” “I’m sorry to have hurt you.” The Prince too was feeling regret for having to leave this splendid creature. “No, I’m glad that you did it. At last I got to feel something you humans have known since your kind’s history. Because of what you have given me, I wish to give you something in return for all your sweetness and love. My most precious of gifts.” The Dragon took one of the pearls that was near them and handed it to the Prince. “It’s fashioned from my tears. Out of my sorrow, I will give you love and life for you and yours, for as long as you live.” Something so small, so simple held within it the greatest power. And I’m not sure I need to tell you what that power was.


The two musical tracks I used for these edits, was one you may remember from an earlier post when I began my posts for the Kinky Angels series: The Great Wall, by Volker Barber; the second piece I used for the second scene was Pagoda, by Volker Barber, both tracks were taken by the same album, Silk-Dragon Flavoured Score, Lounge and Poem.

All video clips remain the sole property of Bel Ami Entertainment and no copyright infringement is intended.