In Die Tote Stadt: Florian Nemec and Nikolay Jirikov

Tonight as I write this, it truly does feel like autumn. My window is open near my desk and as I sit penning this post, the cool air is sneaking in. Even my feline companion has found the change of season agreeable, for he’s friskier, not as listless as during the summer months.  And as the summer season is slowly passing into memory, another one of nature’s seasons has taken center stage and its business as usual. As I become more involved with my academic activities during this fall semester, two more celebratory projects are getting ready to be unveiled. Tonight is a very special edition of a new video mash-up series entitled The Weekly Mash-UP. By means of a brief description of this one: The Weekly Mash-UP is going to comprise of scene edits from Bel Ami’s films and webisodes that were not included in any previous project (and as always in order to view these scenes in their entirety, you have to go to the source…:) ). As the title of the project suggests, these edits will be presented weekly, with Monday being the regularly scheduled presentation day. However, tonight is a special edition.

This scene edit is one from Bel Ami’s own treasure chest— from their renowned archive.  I continually have fantasies about being locked up inside this virtual erotic palace. Every week on they release one sweet gem to us from their wondrous archive vault. Old only in terms of chronology, this is footage no one has ever seen before. Some almost forgotten until they happened to be one day uncovered and then ‘gifted’ to us. This sweet, tender and romantic early scene featuring Florian Nemec is no exception. I found this one to be so beautifully erotic and special that it compelled me to honor it here and I chose this one to be my lead scene for this new mash-up series.

As usual, the music’s the thing, and I wanted to continue to try different musical styles and genres into the edits for this series.  Some old musical ‘friends’ will be heard periodically but some newer ideas will be making an appearance this time around as well. One seemingly untapped source for music to use for my scene edits would be classical, or in this specific case, opera.  A tad skeptical of its use at first, I found that the piece I chose here worked surprisingly well: Marietta’s Lute Song, from Erich Wolfgang Korngold’s opera, Die Tote Stadt. Seeing as all operas have an accompanying libretto, I’ve given the translation of the German lyrics:

Joy, that near to me remains,
Come to me, my true love.
Night sinks into the grove
You are my light and day.
Anxiously beats heart to heart
Hope itself soars heavenward.

How true, a sad song.
A song of true love,
that must die.

I know the song,
I heard it often in younger,
in better days.
It has yet another verse-
Do I know it still?

Though sorrow becomes dark,
Come to me, my true love.
Lean (to me) your pale face
Death will not separate us.
If you must leave me one day,
Believe, there is an afterlife.

Many young people, perhaps, would scoff at this type of music. I have to confess: so did I. I listened to a lot of classical music growing up but not opera too much. Until I saw the film, Aria back in the mid-1980’s. Considered an adult date film, Aria was an anthology film comprised of segments each done by a different director putting their own vision to classic arias from some of the better known operas. It was the segment entitled ‘Spirits of the Dead City’ that gave me the idea to unearth this lovely piece of music and see what further magic it could bring to this already gorgeously romantic and erotic scene.

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