Uninvited-Luke Hamill and Paul Valery

I had Alanis Morrisette’s haunting, rock-out song, Uninvited just waiting for the right Bel Ami couple to ‘gift’ it to and I wasn’t sure I would ever find them, until now: Luke Hamill and Paul Valery and their scene from Flings 3 (2007).
Titled, ‘Photo Session Fling’ in this scene the sexual tension is building between Luke and Paul during their photo session together. When it’s over Luke takes Paul to his room for their own sexual moment of Zen. It’s not long before their steamy make out session erupts into fiery passion, delivering one of the hottest, sexiest and most passionate fuck scenes in the Flings series.

Musically, I knew going in that nothing gently romantic was going to work for this one (at least, not this time). Yet I was still stumped on what would be a good fit for this one, so mating this scene with a song took regrettably a few days, almost half a month. I think I had set a record for the longest time I had to hash out a song option for a video edit. I scrapped ideas in a shorter time frame than this.

I had Uninvited sitting in my folder for a long while. I used it for another project way back when but I don’t think it worked that well. On that first attempt at the song’s use, a very central ingredient was missing: a feeling of the mystical or ethereal and, as strange as this may sound I found those elements this time around  from the scene’s lighting, the overall atmosphere projected into the room itself, and oh, that gorgeous mirror, a beautiful and sensual touch I have to say.

You may not get that same impression I had come to when I was viewing the scene, testing the song along with it. The beat of the song matched the passion of their sex very well. And with this scene, I knew I had found another match made in Bel Ami Heaven. All this time previously, I had overlooked Paul Valery. As I see him here with my lovely Luke Hamill, I won’t make that mistake ever again.

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