Kevin the Dragon’s Welcome Home Gift

When the cat's away, the mice absolutely WILL play!

There is an old saying in my country (and I’m sure there’s variants of it in many of the countries in this fair world): “when the cat’s away, the mice will play”. It will be true in this case, for when top cat, Kevin decides to take off for a few days tour of the U.S, the rest of the gang/mice decide to indeed play: with one another. And who do they get for Kevin’s substitute? Dario kindly steps in to fill the vacant slot. Kevin arrives back home quite sex starved, claiming that he hasn’t had sex the whole time he was Stateside. He’s hoping he would be able to have someone help relieve him of his ‘burden’. As a very disappointed Kevin discovers upon his arrival home, by way of a welcome home gift, they filmed the group’s playful, sexual attics and offer the footage to him to view, the caveat being, of course (and there’s always a bit of a catch to these things): he has to jerk off to it. For someone as horny as Kevin, he’s more than happy to oblige. He watches with interest, as do we, this delightful film-within-a-film.

The music I used for this one is kind of a mixed bag.

The opening is a brief excerpt from a selection I used for Kevin’s video gallery I posted not too long ago: Pagoda, by Volker Barber, in order to touch on the dragon persona I’ve ‘gifted’ to Kevin. With this track, I wanted to reflect a little on the idea I had of Kevin being a ‘Baby Dragon’, seeing that was the nickname I had affectionately given him.  The selection I used over the 4 way with Dario, Andre, Adam and Jack, I used a song by Love and Rockets I’ve never heard before: Saudade, from their album Seventh Dream of Teenage Heaven.

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