In Praise of Eros, video tribute Part Two: Episode Three

In Praise of Eros Part Two: Episode Three Luke Hamill and Keanu Faria

Luke’s Love Nest
Nothing beats a good hump in the hay! 🙂
I may have been over stepping my bounds including an exclusive Bel Ami Online scene, but the moment I saw this gorgeously romantic and emotional scene of Luke and Keanu, I knew I had to include it in this tribute. As beautiful as this scene was, it was somehow very bittersweet. Those who are members of BA’s website already have read George Duroy’s newsletter portion last month announcing sadly Keanu’s departure from the Bel Ami fold and the tragic circumstances that surrounded it. Out of deep respect for them, I won’t disclose it here but suffice it to say, I was moved and saddened by this loss of talent. So, now I’ve added another one of Bel Ami’s beauties to my running list of favorites, and I have to confess, I’ve gathered quite a bevy of them so far. *grin*
The scene had no musical accompaniment which may be added later on if George decides to release the scene on DVD as part of BA’s Flings series. So, I took my liberties and just added one of my own. 🙂 I have to admit that I chose a very odd piece of music, but I think it fits. I also decided that I wanted the music to be an actual soundtrack so I didn’t lower the volume from the original video when I added the music tracks to it, giving the piece a different feel audio wise. And Luke’s and Keanu’s love talk is so sweet I wanted to make sure folks were able to hear it some what. But it’s subtitled so that worked out great. Although originally I wanted the music to convey a mood of melancholic romanticism, of longing and wishing for permanence, wishing Keanu was able stay with us, the change I made didn’t at all change the original mood I wanted to convey with this musically. This edit is a ‘revamped’ version that I may include later on but I change it out at this time for personal reasons. 🙂 The piece I chose for this re-envisioning is Teardrop by the group Massive Attack. This band is a bit hard to nail down in terms of genre. Their not quite techno, not quite hip-hop, not quite ambient. But they’re music is quite eclectic and I think I definitely fits the eclectic mood of the scene. From a bittersweet perspective, it’s a moving piece of music in an odd sort of way. It almost ‘uplifts’ the scene’s inherent bittersweetness and returns it to one of romantic eroticism.  Still, I don’t feel the music detracts at all from this mood and as they orgasm together, Luke’s final closing dialogue to Keanu of “Come here, Beautiful”, as he leans down to kiss him while the music slowly fades, sent me into wailing tears (perhaps, the first time I’ve ever showed such emotion while watching a porn scene). It remains still, a very beautiful and emotional moment and I just couldn’t help but let the tears flow. Although this is not the full scene (the original runs at about 20 minutes), I hope you will be as moved by this as I was. I thought of this as Keanu’s parting gift to us and a wonderful one it is.
Thank you, Luke and Keanu for giving us another beautiful erotic memory to treasure forever. And thank you, BA for being brilliant as always.

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Video Clip, Luke and Keanu, exclusive program from Bel Ami website, released July 9th, 2010, directed by George Duroy. (The scene in its entirety can only be downloaded from the Bel Ami website and image and video downloads are exclusively for members of the site only)

Music clips: Teardrop, Massive Attack, taken from the album, Mezzanine.