How’s this for a Grand Finale?

I’m hoping that there are those of you who have seen my brief video edits of some of the scenes taken from George Duroy’s Kinky Angels series, and ventured to explore this wonderful series in its entirety. If you haven’t, why? It’s marvelous and brilliant, and those who have seen it from the beginning, already know what I’m talking about. I’ve completed some more edits from scenes taken from the series, and I plan on presenting those as part of another upcoming video series within the coming weeks in celebration of the coming Summer Solstice. Next week will be the final issue and I look on it with both excitement and sadness. Sadness, because these guys showed me an amazing erotic time (haven’t they always?) and I hate to see it come to an end. But I temper that with a great deal of excitement, waiting to see what else these guys will have in store for me and all of Bel Ami’s fans.This series has been a very special gift to all of us and it really has, without a doubt, been a wonderful erotic trip, and it ain’t over yet! 🙂

This update comes to you from a very sneak peek at next week’s scene in the coming issue. Now, those of you may remember me chattering on about Jim and Kevin’s scene from Issue 2 and how jaw-dropping, high octane this scene was. It was shot by Luke Hamill (his first one as director), with Florian Nemec acting as his second cameraman. As horny as these two bucks are, I was so surprised they didn’t want to join in the sexual feeding frenzy that Kevin and Jim exhibited. At the end of that one, it left it kind of open for a third ‘act’, as it were. I’m counting the photo session that came before the sex scene; talk about a pressure cooker of sexual tension between Kevin and Jim….holy merde! Well, those who have seen the scene already know that if you stretch a rubber band too far, sooner or later it’s going to snap back…and this one did in a major way! Everyone ready now for Round 3? I know I am, and by the looks of these pics, it promises to be a beaute, and with now both Luke and Florian getting involved, how could it be anything but a wild ride! We’re all looking forward to a strong finish to the series and just by this scene alone, we’re going to get it… more ways than one! Now, Bel Ami film tradition dictates (sort of) that every film ends with a big finish and in these cases it’s always been with an orgy somewhere along the line. I don’t know about any of you, but I’m looking forward to a free-for-all. However, this scene should be good enough for a nice warm up for things to come.

My sweet, devilish Imp, what could be on your mind?

A dick in the hand is worth two in the mouth. Or is it the other way around?

Next Friday couldn’t come…..or cum, soon enough!

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