They make it look so easy

But trust me, after you see enough behind the scenes documentaries and photo session videos, you’ll realize that it isn’t at all as easy as they make it out to be. After viewing one of these videos you gain a much better appreciation of what it takes to create all this lovely art that we’ve all come to enjoy. I’ve shared with you countless dozens of images taken from Bel Ami’s master photographers, samples from this shoot with Kris and Dolph, in particular. We take all of it for granted. We see the finished product not realizing all the hard, long, tedious, and exhausting work that went in to an image set’s creation. We truly owe these guys tremendous appreciative thanks for what they’ve given us and more, for what they’ve shared with us in these videos. It feels almost like a magician giving away his trick’s secrets, doesn’t it?

As a fan of film, and I feel it’s an obligation, to sit in front of my television and listen to an audio commentary if one is offered as I watch the film again. Hopefully, you’ve done that with other films. The wealth of information on the making of film you can learn is enormous. It’s more than an obligation, it’s a privilege to be able to learn from all these gifted filmmakers. I’ve even listened to porn audio commentaries. You don’t think you can learn much from those..why not? They’re films and they’re made the same way as any other genre film. No matter what the genre, film is still art and there is a subtle artistry to its creation. This video clip I’m going to share with you now, is an edited version of the photo session video with Kris and Dolph. This video in its entirety is more than likely available on the Kris and Dolph (2010) dvd. This was an amazing shoot, and what a magical location: an old castle outside of Budapest, Hungary. I think you can tell, these two enjoyed working together. Their chemistry was awesome and the whole while I just wished I could be there to watch. In a way, while I watched this video, it felt as if I was there, and you will be too. 🙂 Watch, while magic is being performed, right before your longing eyes.

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