The Alchemy of the Heart

I don’t have a scheduled update planned for today (at least not yet), so in lieu of that I decided to pull out an old favorite. Seeing as the new Kinky Angels site is well under way, I thought it would be nice to offer up my special tribute of one of the scenes from the first edition, which I had entitled, The Alchemy of the Heart. All of these gorgeously filmed scenes for this series, and this one in particular, seemed to come from a common erotic and passionately romantic thread: they were all vintage Bel Ami. It seemed appropriate at this time, and as BelAmi’s 20th Anniversary celebration will be getting underway soon, to begin to cycle back around to seeing old favorites as well as wonderful new ones.

With these delightful young stars, we are happily brought back and reminded of not only the Bel Ami of Old, but also of our own innocent sexual awakenings within these scenarios so lovingly crafted with stunning care. Getting to see the progression of these sweet young ones then and now proved to be a marvelous treat.


I’m more inclined, now more than ever, to just let this beautiful and sensual scene of erotica between Todd Rosset and Adam Archuleta, taken from Issue 5 of the Kinky Angels series, to speak it’s piece. And it does speak it’s volumes: a visual love note penned by a passionate soul. Anything else I can say I feel will diminish its power.

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What notes I can say about this scene will be about the music, for it will be starting with this post, you will notice my cinematic musical roots. I haven’t used Tangerine Dream’s music in any of my video mash-ups for the simple reason: I wasn’t sure I would find anything they did that I could use for an erotic scene. They’ve been known for their film scores notably for the ones they would do for science fiction and horror films in the 1980’s: Firestarter, Wavelength, Legend (for the U.S release of the film), and Miracle Mile. Their music could also be heard in Risky Business, one of the early films of Tom Cruise. But as I was going through their studio output, especially in the 1970’s and 1980’s, I was amazed at the treasures I was able to find. Two of these, will help comprise the score I created for this scene: the opening selection is Mother of Rain from their 1990 album, Optical Race, an album I’m almost sad to say, never got too much notice when it first came out. The music selection to close out the clip is a portion of Alchemy of the Heart Part Two, from their album, and my personal favorite from their later period, Tyger.

All video clips remain the sole property of Bel Ami Entertainment and George Duroy and no copyright infringement is intended.

All music clips remain the sole property of their copyright holders and no infringement is intended.