Crash Into Me

Originally posted as part of my  Summer Songs series and seeing as today’s Flashback episode posted on BelAmiOnline features Davy Paxton I thought it would be cool to repost this one here for you. I love this one. It’s sexy, sweet, fun and represented  one of two clips with Josh Elliot that I have termed extraordinary finds because I had both of them in my possession on various DVDs tucked away in my collection, without ever realizing that I had them all this time.

I probably would have never found this one at all, sadly, if I wasn’t looking for another scene that I had planned to use for another video mash-up project. Upon this one’s discovery I shouted for joy, and in honor of my all-time favorite Bel Ami boy and one of many of my muses, I present this one with he and Davy Paxton from Out At Last 5: Striptease (2007). Why this adorable gem of a scene was never formally released in any form (except as an unreleased bit), is completely beyond me. But I have decided to give it my loving musical treatment and give it a forever home here. And if Davy didn’t peak my arousal before, with this scene he shares with my beloved Josh, he does so now. This scene is cute, fun and with Josh taking the reins in this one, its oh, so very sexy.  It helps too that Josh and Davy were close friends and it just made their scene together all the more poignant.  In any case, would I really expect anything less from my sexy, angelic Josh? No way!

Music clip: Crash Into Me, by Dave Matthews Band, taken from the album, Crash.

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