Alex Waters Pin-up Photo Session: BAOL Update

Alex Waters is Bel Ami’s 3rd featured American stud. Coming from sunny California (a man after my own heart already, for I was born in California!), Alex brings a youthful attitude, sexy lean body and big dick plus loves extreme sports, motocross to be precise!

In an earlier posting about this stunning new Bel Ami beauty, you got to see his first interview where, featured with him was another American Bel Ami newcomer, Mick Lovell (who you will see more of later on). Today though, the spot light is all on Alex and here he gets to shine like the sparkling diamond he is! 

 He can melt steel with those gorgeous crystalline sapphire eyes of his!
Can you say: Drop dead gorgeous? I knew you could.
 All his amazing attributes are only heightened by his fun personality and beautiful blue eyes. And what I love about him is his ability to ‘play to the camera’, making him fun to watch.
With his first photo session images and video you’ll get to see what we’ve all been raving about over at!  And soon we’ll get to see his first fuck scene….whom his scene partner will be is, well, a surprise! *grin* *wink*

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