The Beauty of the Bel Ami Male 2: Alexander Strauss and Andrej Voltek

As I was getting acquainted with BelAmi’s older films, I naturally progressed back to viewing the older films George Duroy would create for Falcon Studios. Many of the guys he would use in those films, saw their way into ones he would do for his then new company, BelAmi. While watching these older films, I came to ‘admire’ two very stunning beauties: Alexander Strauss and Andrej Voltek, who would become members of my now treasured “Old Guard of BelAmi”. Today I’d like to share these two with you.

Alexander Strauss
Andrej Voltek
Together in The English Student (2004) 

 Below are screen captures and a brief preview video clip from their scene in The English Student (2004). Though only a mutual jerk off scene, this has to be one of the most romantic and intensely erotic scenes Bel Ami has shot from this time period (and you guys know they’ve done billions and billions of them!).
Brief clip of their scene from The English Student (2004)
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