So very naughty of Bel Ami to hold this out on us, but this one was so great I was more than happy to forgive them. Today, they offered us a very special treat for the foot fetishists out there. This was a bonus clip of Kris and Dolph (additional footage from the scene they did together that was released last October). This one features the hottest couple Bel Ami has paired in ages performing just about everything for the mild fetishist within the fan base. So, if your fetishes happen to be, frottage, footsies, nipples and armpits, baby this one is so for you! 🙂 The original scene stands as one of the most sensual and erotic Bel Ami has done in some time, at least that’s this writer’s humble opinion, and with the addition of this footage, made it even more so. As point of fact, this one happened to be one of Bel Ami’s most talked about scenes and also one of the most unforgettable match-ups in the studio’s illustrious history. Naturally, I have a special tribute planned for this clip but I’m not ready as yet to share it. So, I figured this little teaser gallery will be good for a great warm-up.


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