Pillow Talk Inspired Soundtrack

This one continues the on-going project of compiling and ultimately sharing all of this wonderful B.K. Sun music, which had become such an integral part of Bel Ami’s films since the studio’s very early days. I’ve been basically ‘mining’ the DVD’s I have so far for the music. I have all three Pillow Talk films, but the music that I found was very scanty and I didn’t see the point of ripping them. So, in order to create any kind of soundtrack or compilation of note, I had to be real creative and improvise. I already had the opening credit sequences from each film, I just had to convert these to mp3s. As for the rest of the music, I decided to use the most romantic tracks I could find throughout my collection so far. I chose those tracks which I’ve already worked on to extend. The result is a Pillow Talk inspired soundtrack. This music may be featured later on in another video or slide show project.


Music clips remain the sole intellectual property of Bel Ami Entertainment and no copyright infringement is intended.